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The Idiot and his Form-1

A short blog to provide an update.

Those who were in the ShoutBox a few hour ago, would have seen how I was excited to finally receive and setup my Form-1... Shortly followed by the cries of a broken man who could not stop kicking himself for stupidly overfilling the resin tray... and then had overflowing resin all over the insides of the printer...

I have been busy cleaning and think I got most of it. I also spoke with Jory from Formlabs who gave me some advice on cleaning (and sent me some extra instructions as well). They were great.

I'm still not 100% sure if there's some uncured resin in there that will cure and jam up the machine... But for now, it seems to be fine and working.

The resolution is blowing me away! Look at the detail on my very tiny K-9 print (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:29700 scaled to 50%). It's a bit rough at where it was connected to the support, but that's because I just ripped it off by hand.

The material feels kind of spongey! Very different to how ABS feels (which is what I'm used to).

I will do some more cleaning... and am keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't destroy this machine by my stupidy.

If the machine is still alive tomorrow, I'll try to print a BasWheel as discussed in the ShoutBox so that we can test out the material properties.



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I ended up not doing more prints yesterday. After being up with the printer until 4am on Fri night (or Sat morning, I guess), I ended up being a zombie all yesterday and collapsed in bed.

I assembled the mini-Wobbly this morning, and he looks good. He might actually work too, surprisingly! Currently, I've had him walk 4 or 5 steps at a time down a cardboard box before he stops. So, there's a chance I can get him to walk continuously if I find a nice flat surface and get the correct weight set up on his back. Will play with that a bit today.

OK. Time to get some breakfast and head into the office and get that BasWheel printing (hopefully)!! (As it's Sunday, I'll be doing a little bit of work, and mostly messing with the printer on the side.)


I would not say you are an idiot. We learn from our mistakes. I am not smarter than anyone else, I just made more mistakes than most.

Thanks, OB. I definitely learnt some good lessons on handling resin the past few days!

Will head into the office now to check if the printer is still working (and will print the BasWheels if it is.) Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Thanks again for your help last night, JerZ! Having some people to talk to during the fiasco really helped! :)

I set the layer to 0.05mm for K9, and it took 1hr 45min.

After K9, I set it to print a 50% sized version of Wobbly! He's going to be... Ice Wobbly!

I set the layers to 0.1mm, and printed the complete set of parts in one go on the plate. It took 2hr 45min all up. The parts look great, but I doubt he'll walk (since he's super light, and the material is a bit tacky... so not sure if the legs will swing).

Also, I used some water on it after the alcohol bath. That might not have been a good idea!

I'm going to keep it in the sun to cure more before I try to assemble. Will keep you posted.

(BTW, the 3 layer settings on the machine are 0.0025mm, 0.05mm, and 0.1mm.)

It's now day time, so I think the sunlight might be curing any stray resin bits that might be left inside... So I'm worried about the next print. I think I'll do another inspection (and clean if necessary) before the next print. I've bought more alcohol and cotton buds in preparation. However, I might wait until night time to do it. There's heaps of light in my office, and I want to try to do when it's darker. (I'm now a 3D printing vampire.)

The next print will be the BasWheel, so I'll report back once I've printed that.




I'm in love. :D How long did that print take. Looks awesome! Hope all stays well with your new bad-ass printer. Looking forward to those material trials. Freaking nice!