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Delta Printer WIP


Been on this for a while now, thanks to Ossipee and Hoff  and Mogul :/ 

They kept pushing me to build a delta so here is my WIP on it:















Working on it ... hear that Hoff ?

Update - Sun 24 Nov

OK current state: 

So now I do have an idea on how it's going to work. I must say the axis works wonderfully :) 

Now on to the arms, need some tunning here and there but I think they are coing to do just fine. ..

More to come ...

Update - Thu 28 Nov


Managed to put the second axis together ... and movement testing vid is up ... check it out. 
To come last 'leg' and probably a new center piece I call "nexus" ...
Continued on my something else ... 

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... as blogs don't get to appear updated.

Bravo delta!