Let's Make Robots!

Tapir #02

Navigate around via infrared
ATV_v2_1.zip5.17 KB

This is my second Robot I build.

Components so far: Arduino Uno R3 (counterfeit)
Arduino Motor shield
Tamiya 70097 Twin Motor set
Tamiya 70108 Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit
cheap Servo 

Planning: Obstacle avoidance by Sharp GP2Y0A21 IR Infrared Range Sensor Work in progress...!

Some Updates...

After coding, testing and building a while the Arduino Tracked Vehicle is almost finished.

I added the very BETA-Arduino sketch. JUST rename it to .ino (The sketch is NOT Zipped!)


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I started out with the same chassis, motor shield and gearbox....  Boy does it move nice until you try it on carpet..