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One Egg Grip Closer

Taking shape..... somewhat eggshaped

Here is a manual test for piece of mind .... still have to design last part for my linear servo mod.

Please note :- Picture is side ways...and yes it does grip the weight of an egg without slippage.

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I'm not sure what your encoder plans are but something like this might be useful.



At moment i have a linear potentiometer strapped to the side of the linear screw mech. (you do remember my pritt stick mode).

That yielded 3kg pushing force....  not sure about durability.... proof of concept is more prevalent at momo

Fired it up this evening and all is good...... range of movement is magic... enough to pick up the egg challenge I set for myself..

The linear pot fixes under the blue and white loops above..you can see also the groove where the pots wiper attaches to screw mech inside pritt stick.....

... more to follow........ however in a more formal "G" writeup style..


As neat as it is and as happy as I am to see this built, I have to say my favorite part of the pics is the colors it's printed in. It is lovely!

Its easy to colour code parts in Blender.....however changing from one colour to another in 3D printhead is a Picasso palate affair..i never knew that a print head secret nooks and crannies hiding bits of colour and unleashing at inopportune moments. (flexi black pla is the worst).