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Five free Insect Bot Mini kits

This is a free (well, it does not cost money) giveaway of 5 Insect Bot Mini kits.


All 5 kits are gone now, please do not request anymore but you still can comment :-)


UPDATE Jan. 3rd: Please refer to the wiki to check for the right color orientation on the sensor cabel and the silk screen error on the Beetle shield. 



UPDATE Dec. 26th: Finally all five Insect bot mini kits were shipped by last week. They should arrive within the next three weeks but be patience since the Christmas rush will affect the post services around the world. 

UPDATE Dec. 11th: Unfortunately the shipping of the insect bot mini kits is delayed. We had a run in the store and the first batch is already sold out. We wanted to ship the kits first to the people who ordered them, so you guys still need to wait a little longer. Sorry about that, it seems that you will not get them before Christmas. Shipping will be with Hong Kong Post and I will update this post when they are on their way.

You might have doubts because there is never something for free in this world and you are right. The term free only refers to “no money involved” but it's not entirely free. Why not? Yeah, I'll tell you what you have to endure to get one of these Insect Bot Mini kits delivered to your doorstep.


Ok, here is the deal. DFRobot will send you one (1) Insect Bot Mini Kit for free and you will write a review. That's all.


Some rules:

  • the review must contain more than 500 English words

  • the review must contain pictures and video(s) of the assembling process and the final result

  • the review should (if you are going to do so) contain your code

  • the review must be posted on letsmakerobots.com OR another website of your choice (posting is somewhere else you still need to post a short version here on LMR since you've got this kit because you are an LMRian)

If you want one, then please post your request below this blog entry. But hey, do not just write "I want one" but write something nice/cool which tells me that you are a worthy LMRian :-) Simple rule, first come first serve.

But wait, there is another hurdle. To give all the guys/gals in different time zones the chance to request one Insect Bot Mini kit the comment with your request must be posted after Sat, 2013-11-30 17:00 (UTC/GMT +8 hours) -> 24 hours after the posting of that blog. That is my time zone and I will choose the entries whit the right time stamp. Check the time stamp in the comment i just made. All comments before that date will be ignored.

Please read the first comment in the very bottom.

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That entry shows you the time stamp. You can request the free Insect Bot Mini kit after 24 hours from now.

So we must post sunday? I'm waiting as well =)

T minus 0625 hours and counting

I really like that little robot kit. And I especially like that you can program it with Ardublock. I think that this will be a great first build with my 8 year old grandson. :)

I'm not entering to win one because I could not (at this time) meet the requirements for the build/documentation. Just wanted to to let you know that I think it is a wonderful first project for kids of all ages. I'll be ordering one to build with the grandson as soon as I return home from my deployment. Nicely done!

1 hour to go! R ya ready LMRians?

just checking the time ! :D

Firstly, this insect bot is cool. Any age group would smile, once it sets into motion and performs its moves!! :D

I have always been fascinated by these small-sized robots, getting one, and reviewing it, that would be awesome. And where's a better place to post than LMR? 

Good luck to all!!

You will get one :-)


Please send me your full name, address and phone number by email to lutz.michaelis ((at)) dfrobot.com

Got your contact details, thank you. 

Hi there!

I'm an Electronic Engineer and I have build some small robots and microcontroller based systems. I started with 14 years old controlling an arm with the pararell port of a Spectrum.

I would like to mount a special Insect Bot Mini, as not all insects have the same shape and functions, I would like to build a new one with original movements and functions. Probably I have to check between some prototypes, but I promise loads of pictures and fun, and a final prototype that moves and operates like a real insect somehow ;-)

Kind regards,