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Triton v.0.1 delta printer


@All: Meet Triton 0.1 ... Triton meet @All 

Image above is what it looks like currently, and a view of my messy desk. 

BIG FAT NOTE: Design might completely change at will or necessity. I can provide the STL's for current stuff but will not post them until I get to a stable form. 


- 3d design - good olde Blender

- firmware - Repetier Firmare latest git development branch

- host - Repetier Host 


- Arduino Mega 1280 

- RAMPS 1.4 shield

- 3 x  Pololu drivers. (will need to add another for extruder) 

- hotend - probably J-Head 0.5 nozzle - TBD

- thermistor - EPCOS 100K 

- limit switches - normal switches


- no belts, cable or threaded rods - it uses threadless ballscrews - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:139425

- 3 x second hand nema 17 stepper motors - 200 steps/mm 

- 3 x lm8uu bearings 

- 18 x 623zz bearings for the screwless ballscrews

- 3 x 608zz bearings for the tops of the rotating rods

- 3 x 30 cm high quality steel rod

- 3 x 25 cm h9 stainless steel rod - that would be the cheaper rods you can find here and there with a rougher finish (high quality rods should work too but slipping is more probable)

- 3 x 30 cm makerbeam

- 6 x 20 cm makerbeam

- makerbeam angle brackets + bolts + nuts - complete list TBD

- printed parts - list TBD still a WIP  


- side

From Share

- side with electronics:

From Share

- top:

From Share

Next ... well some parts might have to be redesigned, some still need to be designed, now waiting for the bowden parts from Jinx. 

Thanks Jinx!

Update - 2013-12-14 - Bummer!

Good news:

- my PFTE tube and fittings made it safely.

- the Jhead mount is nicely fitting 

Bad news: 

- the tube fittings are on way ony - put them on and you can't get them off again - of course I was eager to see how they fit now I'm stuck with them on the tube

- the whole arm+efector+mount assembly is way too weak to handle the forces applyed to it by the 3 mm filament + pfte tube - so with the tube attached it won't be able ro keep the print head in one position :( .... really strong redesign is needed

- my BB (current printer) is getting old it may fail real soon if I don't do something about it

So all the above given and the lack of cash leaves me with no option than to shelve it for a while, cool down and rethink stuff.


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lumi's picture

We do have delta printer in the office. It's insane fast printing...much faster than to common 3D printers like Makerbot...

Nice work TinHead, will watch the updates/upgrades.

isotope's picture

Wow! U R DA MAN! :) That is cool! :) What size of printable area do you expect to get?

TinHead's picture

... this might change though have sme new ideas on the frame.

isotope's picture

Nice! :) Keep us updated :)