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Mounting an SRF05 with the Cascabots ranging mast

Has anyone used the Cascabots products to attach an SRF05 to a servo?  I bought some, but there doesn't seem to be any space for the pins coming off the SRF, and I'm not quite sure how to attach the two parts of the mast either.

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Ah that makes sense.  Thanks for all the help!
Here's a picture of the two parts.  I will try filing down a space for the pins.  Thanks for the help!Cascabots Sonar Mount
Looks like you take the sensor mount part on the right, and plug the two protrusions into the servo part slots. It sort of looks like a little bolt and nut could then hold them together, bolt up through the hole between the slots on the servo part, and nut in little opening of the sensor part, tighten to hold. Or just glue them together.

Their website show pics of a sonar with a right angle pin header coming out the front of the sensor, then curving up. I guess there was no allowance for pins out the back of the sensor, so you could either de-solder the pins and re-solder them to the front, or use a drill or file and cut some space for them to go through the mount.

Don't have any pics of the "2 parts" of the mount, so have no idea what to tell you of their assembly.