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Plug: Topo robot listed on ebay.com.au


I Know somone who is selling a Topo robot on e-bay and I wanted to help them out.

Topo was created by Androbot a compnay that was created by the founder or Atari. Topo was one of the first consumer robots and is quite rare.

If you are interested in him just search for Topo Robot on ebay.com.au There are many links on the listing to other sites with information on him.




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I don't think that's something robot builders, like the ones found around here, would buy. This is obviously a hard core collector item, maybe for a robot history museum or something like that. Us regular folks have a hard enough time funding our projects, for fun and profit, to be buying collector items.

I can't imagine anyone cutting it up to add servos and such. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and someone here will jump on it. I'd love to have one but I'd have to hit the lottery before I'd give it serious consideration.

If I had the dough I'd totally jump on this. We have a couple members who do collect the classics though-lordhotwing and sabre1 for example. Androbots are my second favorite after the RB5x though. Bob, Fred, Andy Axlon, all beautiful machines. They had a weird rock when they moved thanks to their unique canted wheel motivation, and they looked like a robot should look, as Kingart once put it. These are hard to come by though. You can put about $90 worth of sensors/processing into one of these and have a more advanced bot than you could get for $3000 when Nolan Bushnell first sold these.

I always wanted one and I really liked the wheel setup. Stuff like that nowadays is best kept original for collectors. That's why I haven't hacked up my Omnibot 2000 yet, or my Hero Jr. Of course if I can't get a good price I will modify them to the max.

I didn't think there were hard core collectors like that here, it seems more of a hackerspace than collectible corner. The way people here crank out custom parts it doesn't seem necesessary to start with an existing bot. Look at what happened with Lexi 3000.

And speaking of favorite robots I'll take Odex I from Odetics, even though it totally creeped me out climbing out of the pickup truck (can't seem to find that clip now).

You have a good point, m'friend-the collectors here are going to be more likely to "upgrade" the old hardware than to "restore" it.  I'm curious as to how many real hardcore technology collectors there are out there.  I'd hope there were more, but I don't believe that there are.

Good ol' Odex-the grandaddy of all the hexapods in the world.  How many of them do you suppose they actually made?  The one I really want to run across is Marvin:


They made him here in Iowa, but the "factory" is a Taco Bell now. It would be neat to see what ever became of the manufacturing gear...