Let's Make Robots!

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lumi's picture

I have watched that video at least 5 times and still need to giggle :-)

I don't know why I did not comment before...but now it comes: AWESOME!!! I also know that we shouldn't use capslock but in this case I need to scream it :-) Well cone cevinius, that cool robot always makes me smile.

cevinius's picture

Thanks, Lumi!! :D

I'm looking forward to doing more work on him. I should get some time once work quietens down for Christmas. :D


You certainly could improve the way this little guy walks, but I like it!  It's funny seeing his arms extend so much for so little forward movement.  It looks like it is made to walk that way on purpose for comic effect.  The only thing I would want added is some grunting sound effects.  The effect could be that he is walking through snow, pulling some invisible (yet heavy) object, or add some nice soft music that you would expect from a movie scene where 2 robots are running in slow motion toward each other in search of a loving embrace.  :-)

cevinius's picture

The walk can definitely do with some improvement!!

As a first pass, I'll try to get a better walk with tweaks to the timings of the actions in the walk cycle.

Then, I'll try to use the accelerometer to help with the walk! It will be interesting to see how it goes with detecting the motion shift, and then using that to determine when he should take each step. I'm new to that, so will need to see how it goes. I'm keen to try it though!

His arms were put in an angle that allows some posing (kind of like an action figure). I'm hoping to make some animation routines where he can express some emotions with his arms. He does look comical when he moves!! When I showed Gutsy Sr to my 2 year old niece, she walked around the house imitating Gutsy's arm movements! :D

Because Jr has a pretty low centre of gravity, I needed his arms to swing a lot in order to shift his weight, hence the crazy extension. His arms were trickier to design than Gutsy Sr's. Because Jr is so short, the arms couldn't be too long, or they would hit the ground when he swung them. So, I ended up angling them out more so that he could reach further left/right without touching the ground.

The current arms are my 3rd arm iteration! (The first set I designed couldn't shift him left/right at all. The 2nd set worked when I attached coins to them with blu tack, and this 3rd set has the coin slots built in!)

I definitely want to give him some grunts!! I think that would add a lot of personality. In my head, I see him talking like a Pokemon, saying "Gutsy, Gutsy!" with various inflections. I don't know if I can fit a sound board on Jr, but I want to do that with Sr!!

As he walks so slowly at the moment... I should have added the "Chariots of Fire" theme to the background of the video! :D

- Cev


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Nice  work here Cevinius. Personally I like the coins, it gives him character and they kinda resemble brass knuckles, tough. I'm interested in following his progress. You should get a pic of Gutsy Sr. & Jr. together for us =)


cevinius's picture

Thanks, Yamez.

I'll get a pic of them when I get home. :D

FR's picture

Really great stuff! I can't believe that you've shrunk him already.

Just an idea, instead of the 50c coins in his hands - have you considered printing his hands around, say, a lead weight?

Looking forward to the updates.

cevinius's picture

That's a great idea with the lead weights! I'll get some to try out. :D

viswesh713's picture

as usual great

cevinius's picture

Thanks, viswesh!