Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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glad you like the design :D

maybe writing "letsmakerobots.com" is nicer than having the http in front, but that's just a thought of mine. Very nice btw :)

Actually, this is very true. Most web browsers assume that if you don't put a protocol (FTP:, FILE:, HTTP:) prefix that it's HTTP anyway.

You can get away with letsmakerobots.com and www.letsmakerobots.com seems to redirect anyway. (How does this work? Is the domain registered without the WWW?)

Anyways, I would definitely include the URL in the videotag version, without HTTP, but leave the URL out of the page title.

On, man. It's going to be sooo cool to have an image!

Indeed. Pretty much all domains are registered at the second level (xxx.com), and then the owner of the domain can add third-level domains like www.xxx.com, forums.xxx.com, etc. But the bare second-level domain is also a valid domain with its own IP address mapping. In our case, both letsmakerobots.com and www.letsmakerobots.com map to my server's IP address, but if a user arrives at my server by typing the URL www.letsmakerobots.com, the web server software is configured to redirect them to the bare letsmakerobots.com. It's like having a front door and a side door, but if someone knocks on the side door, you open the door and tell them, "Hey, go knock on the front door and I'll let you in that way." :)


I had a college professor teaching a masters level class tell me that webmail.XXX.edu wasn't on the world wide web because it didn't start with WWW. Good thing he was old and I had corrected him on several other points or I would have told him how stupid that was to say. It is all on the web its just WWW is a subdomain (much like webmail.XXX.edu).


Damn! letsmakerobots.com clearly isn't on the web, then!!!!!


Did you really want to know?  ...  the techy in me wants to brain dump, anyway maybe this will be some restitution for not correctly knowing my 2's complement.

The first part of the url is always the host - from that point on its domains or subdomains down to the root domain (the .com .gov etc)
You register the domain and put it in some Domain Name Server. 

The domain registration costs money ($10 or less per year).  If you control or have access to the Domain Name server you can put in an infinite number of hosts which resolve to some ip address.  E.g.  forums.letsmakerobots.com www.letsmakerobots.com research.letsmakerobots.com ...  you may also specify in the DNS server where the domain without a host address will resolve.  In the case of letsmakerobots.com its the same place as www.letsmakerobots.com .

Appologies for the brain dump, but i have not been working on robots recently so i need to get my geek fix somehow :P


BTW: nice to see you back BOA

glad you like the design


I'll make the logo-kit tonight 

PM me your mail, and I'll send you a high res of the logo.