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Navigate Via ultrasound

Chiro! Named after the order Chiroptera, which are bats!I named it this because of the ultrasonic distance sensor.

As of now, he maps the environment in a 180 degree arc in front of him. I created an array to store 180 integers, which can then be graphed or manipulated to represent the surrounding environment. My intention with this is to give it a camera, and overlay the distance readings onto the video via simpleCV. Most likely this will be on a Raspberry Pi, I just have to get another one first. 

This is an example of the sensor data plotted to a graph. I added in a threshold to smooth out the readings a bit, it's +-1 cm. Also when the sensor is at an odd angle it cannot receive the pulse back to measure distance, it shows up as 0cm when this occurs. So when this happens I set the value to equal the previous value in the array, to smooth things out a bit. I plan on using some trig for navigation and object detection and such, but have to figure out what I want to do first.

We will see!!!

UPDATE 1/8/14----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I rearranged the tracks, added a accelerometer, and a picaxe 08M2. I may have the picaxe dedicated to the accelerometer and have it send a pulse to the arduino main board. This will make the robot more reactive, and reduce the load on the arduino.

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The robot looks a bit odd tilting forward and its tracks pointing upwards doing no useful work. Do the tracks use a lot of battery power that you decided to alter them?





The original arrangement put too much strain on the motors. I tried every possible arrangement of the idlers, but it either put too much tension, too little tension or the tracks came apart. This arrangement actually works quite well for me, especially when climbing over obstacles. The batteries are in the from, so the weight on the tracks make up for lack of surface area. it actually draws less power, but that's because they aren't stalling because of the tension on the tracks. They were drawing a little over 1 amp, causing my H-bridge to get really hot. In this arrangement they draw about .75 amps @ full speed. Thanks for your question!