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Cypress PSoC 4

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I love the Arduino and the flexibility this little ATMEGA328 microcontroller can offer. It is easy to implement in new design and to solder.
I also have done some work with .NETMF using the USBizi100 chipset https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/117 but that is now discontinued.

So I was looking around for other microcontrollers and came across the PSoC 4 and the Pioneer Kit http://www.cypress.com/?rID=77780 It seems very powerful, and for $25.- it’s no great loss if I can’t figure it out.

At its core you find a 24 MHz ARM Cortex-M0 CPU but the exiting thing is that you can configure lots of internal mixed signal electronics directly on the chip.

  • From the analog world you can add circuits like ADC, Amplifiers, Analog MUX, Comparators etc.
  • From the digital world you can add things like Counters, PWM, decoders, Timers…
  • You can add logic directly on the pins with things like NAND, NOR –gates, D flip flop’s, multiplexers
  • And on top of this you can route signals to any GPIO pin you like.

So how far have I come…?

Not far. The IDE is a bit overwhelming but there is a method to this madness. After some tutorials and looking on demo projects it’s starting to make sense. I do think that mastering this device will be a great tool to have in some projects and I’m looking forward to learning more of this amazing little chip.

And another great thing is the price. It’s about $2.50 like the ATMEGA328P-AU for just the chip.

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Hi Geir,
You know I respect your work a lot and I ask this not from a critical point but curiosity, how it is you chose to try this platform out. I believe the psoc is popular in industry but from a hobby perspective why did you overlook the stellaris launchpad or stm32 freedom discovery boards?
I couldn't see any limitations with psoc creator but I just installed IAR arm workbench evaluation limited to 32k version after finding some great tutorials from here. Ten lessons in all. Maybe a bit basic for what you need but the instructions on how to get IAR working are at least worth it.