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SparkFun launches robotic parts & "Robotics 101" video series

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December 20, 2013: SparkFun launches the Actobotics robotic components online.

The first video shows Robert from SparkFun introducing the product line and talking about the various items.

"Sparked" by the release of Actobotics, SparkFun is also starting a really cool video series about robots and robotic components. The introductory video is also posted below.  Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and their YouTube channel for updates to this awesome video series.


(Actobotics is a product line manufactured by www.ServoCity.com)

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The sad thing is I would love to design high quality parts like these. I always push DAGU to try and improve the quality.

Sadly, even in China, fantastic quality means fantastic prices.

Maybe it will work ork well for universities but for the hobbiest no so much. 

It will be interesting to see how popular the Actobotics are. They are really nice, quality products but that comes at a price. How many people can afford to build a roobot with their system when even a small pinion gear is about $15 USD.


You've summed it up well. I'd like to play with a lot of those pieces but price will probably stop me. One thing I'd like to know, why doesn't anybody make a decent wide wheel for an indoor robot. No matter what the diameter they still only make them no more than 10-20 mm thick and usually  a with a hard tyre as well..

DAGU make a wheel 26mm wide, 64mm diameter with a soft rubber tire and foam rubber tire tube. The wheel fits directly onto our yellow geared motors although the wheel can also fit a 4mm diameter shaft. 

You can see a photo here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/38636


I was thinking something more like twice the diameter of those as good as they are. The wild thumper wheels are awesome and they are the best outdoor wheel I reckon you could use, if someone could capture that feeling with an indoor wheel and tyre would be good.

Google for Lite Flite RC plane wheels

edit: http://www.dbproducts.com/store/lfwh.htm

These wheels are very light with cushy foam tires and pretty inexpensive


They look ok bdk but not quite what I was thinking. I'd like something with bling. It's not that I have any plans for a robot to use them on just something I was remarking on. I just think it's an area that hasn't been explored in robotics as much as other fields like bikes and cars and skates. There seems to be a proliferation of discs with different patterns of holes in and nothing truly that makes you think, man I want me a set of those wheels. A set that even though you weren't planning to build something you just got to have them and motivates you to make something worthy of them.