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Robot Ducky , 6 legged walking robot , micro servos

radio controlled hexapod walking robo duck

This is a cool little project I'm doing as a gift to a guy who loves robots and rubber ducks. It just makes sense that the robot technology would take over the ducky like the Borg! There is 3d printing involved to make the legs and the ducky core is 3d printed as well. All the 3d print was done by my friend Anthony who is pretty awesome at the 3d printing. This uses a makerbot replicator 2. In the build you will see servo blanks which are just 3d printed substitutes so i dont get paint or epoxy on the real ones. I have been working on it so far three nights. I hope you enjoy the creative project. I will update throughout today with a couple.dozen build pics.

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looks like a toy that would crawl out from under sids bed in toy story, i like it

Sorry guys , I would try to load a picture and when I loaded it , it gave me an error do I tried refreshing the page , deleting cookies and all that.  Each picture I tried to upload it duplicated the whole post agian. I deleted the other two.

It's all good Man!

I know it's quite a challenge to add photos to the site directly, I load the pictures to my 'personal files' and link them to my robot project here on LMR though. Some folks use off-site image hosting though. But posting multiple robot entries at LMR for each step of the building process is kinda overkill. I cant imagine trying to find anything if the site worked like that. I look forward to seeing the progress though. Nice job so far.

you can just update the one page, you dont have to create a whole new page each time.  

This looks like the other two.