Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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PS: The Logos entered is what we have ;)

PPS: My local kiosk sells Spunk.

"Cheesy Soap" is a BRILLIANT name for a rock band. Are you claiming IP on that, Frits?

It's a word my 3 year old uses when he dislikes something on the basis of a taste or sensation.


I think in this context, Mike may mean that it's a little too much like internal organs.


I love the brain bubble.

We've had the best Logo we could dream of all along!

Staring us in the face. Just consider it out of context for one moment and you know what I mean:


Pure minimalistic beauty!

Just a little somethin I made



I tried to match the blue as close as I could to the links, and went with the YDMII because it is kind of iconic of the site (or so I think).


I can make it bigger or modify it fairly easily if need be.

Hi everyone! Thanks so VERY much for all participation on all levels!!

Yesterday I had a long talk with a guy I respect very much, he is an (price winning) expert in branding. He had no doubt; This one is our logo:


There are many god ones, but this one says "playfull", it plants a thought in your head, so to speak, it is suitable as favicon in a simplified version, it has it all. Neutral, but fun, timeless and can be made to work in black&white. Works in very small and large. Is easily recognizable, psy has done it, hurray! :)

Thank you again all, and psy, let's talk on versions, perhaps make little bullets and more in same style.

We are a little team now working on a complete overhaul of the whole site, making many improvements and a somewhat more "super Mario look" over all.

We are also going to give everyone new tools so you can print out backdrops to use on your video and photos. These will link to your profile, that we give you better tools to make exciting and personal - and then we are going to provide RSS feeds, and the plan is that your work will come out to many sites, in a feed from here. So backdrops on your images with links to your profile, who has links to your work and the site in general is going to be quite cool I think :)

This thread is hereby closed. We would like to hear whishes, critics and suggestions in other appropriate forums :)

Thank you again to all of you for all the cool work!! 

mine is just simple

Here is mine!




psy's robot is great! nice work indeed. i'd merge it with drixx's work