Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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This would make an awsome logo IMO, it has a very positive and memorable look to it.


Awesome indeed! I would love this even more if it was done all in black and white and not with a circle but just a black line below "Let's make" and a line above "robots".

The references are great IMHO, of course we can see ourselves as gods to these little creatures we breathe life into, but the terminator arm can represent more than just being a robot. It can remind us that if we're too careless in the robot building process, we might end up creating doomsday devices like the terminator robot which will all be running on picaxe chips and using their PING))) sensors to track us down and fry us with lazy 9V batteries! :-D... of course there are people like for example jka who are constantly mumbling about making doomsday devices in the first place... the end is near! :-D

perhaps the logo should show the act of "making" the robot as the title says.

maybe a homo erectus with a stone hammer pounding a large robot into shape.

Lots of people (Let's) making (Make) robots (Robots). It's actually quite a difficult list of things to include!

As if that's not difficult enough, I think the logo should incude the YDM, as it is our flagship robot!!

Well, my boss says that trying is a waist and if your not going to do something then dont. The first place guy in a race did what he came to do. The second place guy tried and was the first to fail. So I did what you asked, and I hope you love it.



I love the effect that you have put on them.. However, I personally would be pi**ed if it was decided that our logo should consist of all BaseOverApex's robots :D (Or anyone elses)

I do not think our logo should be any reference to any particular bots that anyone on the site has made. Both for the person-thing (the site is cool because we all are in here) and for the long term history aspect. I hope we evolve in here ;)

But nice artwork, thanks! :) 

WTF, Frits? I wouldn't be upset. MY robot has been on Japanese TV, too, you know. Supporting your thumper robot, which completely stole the limelight.

I still say the logo should have some YDM-esque component. It's still the original... 

Hey, just checking this post, very good ideas for the logo indeed, so I just wanted to know what happened with the Lets make robots logo? Contest or no contest, web 2.0 logo or crazy logo, waiting for more ideas? As I said, I was just checking.

Using the image insert button doesn't seem to to the biz. Here is the URL in the mean time:


How do you mark up the images to get them to show?