Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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Aha! It seems to work a lot better if I host them here. Arg... the learning curve be a harsh mistress.

Brain on Wheels Robot Logo

Hahaa.. I like it! But.. I still (just me, prsonally) think the idea of a LMR made with 2 robots holding hands was.. perhaps just a tad ball-less - but still had better symbol value than "just a cute robot". Though it is nice drawn and cute :)

To insert images already hosted somewhere else:

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/ Fritsl

How bout these balls


And you thought I was going to do something completely tasteless ?!

I'm flattered.



PS - somethins foobar'd in the redirect of links for remote images

Hello all!

I've been reading this site for a while now, and I really like the atmosphere so I've decided to come out of sleeper mode. I always like a good reason to sketch something up, so feel free to use, ignore or rip to shreds. Anyway without much further ado, what do you think of this?


Brain on Wheels Robot Logo

We need to give you another round of applause!

Welcome to awake-mode :)

But.. erh.. .. think of what ?


/ Fritsl

Hi robot makers! :p

I'm new to this site, and I havn't really made any real robot worth posting. So I've made some suggestions for the logo instead:


I know it doesn't contain any electronical parts or refferences to robots at all. I just tried to keep it simple :). Please give me response.

I was thinking of a design where a geared motor make the L, some wire made an e, maybe 2 capacitors made a t, etc. Or maybe the letters are in a normal font and some letters are replaced by photos of components. Unfortunatly I don't have my components yet so I would have to use images stolen from the internet ;)

Don't sweat the petty things. Don't pet the sweaty things.

I'm seeing really nice things here.. think will come something greath out fo this brain-storming.. =D

Thinking along the lines of some simple shape like the Nike logo, I threw together this little logo:


Just adding another option to the table :)