Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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Shagging robots? Then you would need to x-rate this site :-D

- Jimmy

Robot Shagging will be the natural way of robot replication ->  So instead of  self replication like this (REPRAP) ,  2 robots can exchange parts, adding for diversity of (non genetic) material.  ..... Or uhhh .. something like that :) .....

all this out of utero robot testing is very disturbing!


Brilliant!  - a new robot project ... I'll get working on that immediately !


Perhaps the easiest is just to find a font, and use it? Perhaps add a color or a shade, but leave it there?












/ Fritsl

I like simple logos, like the above. Actually they arent really logos at all, but rather just text treatments. I say stay simple. People connect with simple better.
i prefere the 4rd one.. but don't like it as a font for lot of text.. i dislike 3rd
Ok, so as I promised, here is my first try.

I'm open to all kind of comments, i tried to keep it simple as with the colors of the site..




PS - Remember that this will not be it size, its to be a logo, not a wallpaper =D

I totally agree with ‘’jklug80’’, I think we should make an anonymous contest, so people wouldn’t know who’s sending the logos and only at the end the winner’s name can be reveal. I think we all should think the rules too.


One thing I find characteristic about this site is Fritsl's Yellow Drum Machine. So, in the hope not to offend anyone I've tried to make a suggestion based on the very cute YDM.
Here is a big and a small version, but I can make them in all sizes. Sorry for abusing your picture, Fritsl.
LetsmakeRobots480_383.jpg  Logo small

Hi "bfugl" - Welcome :)

Never saw any other postings from you in here, and there you pop up and abuse my footage ;) 

Well thanks for the honor!

Personally I still think we should have something MUCH more simple, something that can be "copied by hand" like the Nike logo, sony, Esso.. a logo, simple and nice - as written somewhere else, to keep the visual style of the site in the web2.0-theme of the rest such as youtube linkedin, myspace, google etc etc.. That is just a few well placed lines, not "a detailed image" - more like a logo.. That is just one guys opinon!

(But thank you again  - and try to stop them mills from falling apart! ;) 

/ Fritsl