Let's Make Robots!

We need a logo on LMR. or do we?

This crap website does not even have a logo!

Can you make one, or do you have any ideas?

Would be cool if we could get some, and make a vote or something :) ?

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well, i will work on it as soon as i get some time.. if everyone do something, sooner or later we will have a good one that most of people wold like.

Perhaps we could make a contest out of it. Let people submit for a few weeks then make a surveymonkey to let people vote. Winner gets their image on the website. This would require some rules about image size and such and require someone to head the thing up. Images would need to be submitted such that no one would know who made it until we have a winner.



I am having second thoughts about starting this thread; Not that good social thinking on my behalf:

Either we have no entries = bad

Or we have only one = bad

Or more people are giving it efford, and at least one is going to be sad / "why did they not like my logo".


And it is also hard to comment, because unless you just think it it the coolest logo / artwork in the world, comments will be criticizing, = bad.


Well. Here is one guys opinion; I think that Mikkl, who has done the basic artwork but no longer is on the project - did a really good job in keeping the "youtube / facebook / google / myspace"- SIMPLE style.

I also thinkthe logo to LMR should have that style, and the logos we have seen so far are way too detailed to match.

But I stress that this is just one guys opinion! 

/ Fritsl


Hi again, I made some other logos, (it seems that I have too much free time!!!) I hope any of these works. All the designs are originals. Personally I like Logo 3 and Logo 4




idaniel, #4 looks really good. I think it fits the style of this site well. 

Another idea...



Hey, this is an idea for the Logo.


i like it.. simple buy sweet.. nice work
 some of these are just the original picture because I thought they might look cool as an icon but here you go http://letsmakerobots.tumblr.com/ ~Matt
Mattmitch made a very nice one, I vote in favor of that one :D