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28BYJ-48 Stepper pushes 2.8Kgs

As part of a 3D printed actuator , i have been sourcing parts for the drive motor...

Per-chance a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor shouted off the shelf .......

A few "Blender" iterations later ... a wormscrew and wormscrew nut were printed.

Hot off the press testing , just by holding the motor and nut secure ... i drove the stepper until it stopped.

As you see below it easily exerts a press force circa 2.3Kgs  .. the stepper locked itself at 2.8Kgs.

This force is being held on just two rows of thread - so good proof of PLA plastic stability.

The Mech. needs to be well greased .... as quick fix i used "Lip Chapstick" grease......

This is a four sectioned part (gear at 2nd layer is for driving a feedback potentiometer)

This is printed @0.25mm layer depth (a very rough print)

Looks promising.....

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You got some good power out of those $2 steppers, have you put the .stl anywhere ?

the ones I have are really slow and geared 48:1 (around 2 rpm for me)

so hate to think how long it took to move that worm drive !

I love those little stepper/gearmotors.... I want stronger/bigger ones, but I cannot find any that are bigger with gearbox....  

Had not really believed that you could reliably print a worm gear. 

Looks great.


3D printing always amazes me... and indeed i too did not think that the PLA would easily make strong worm gears this way.