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Follows light and avoids obstacles
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Oh,I thought a lot for the name of this bot,finally decided to name it CLIMBEX. Climex is a kind of beetle, and since it can climb small obstacles, I gave it this name. This is a basic robot that avoids obstacles and follows light at the same time.

1. Power Source

I found the 3.7V 450mah Li-po inside my helicopter,whose motors were damaged. So I decided to take it apart. The battery has inbuilt over-drain protection and the charger has in-built over-charge protection. So I made a pin for the charger to work. And it works fine.

The jumper is used to switch between charging and discharging modes.

2. Actuators

As the robot had to be small, I needed two small motors,preferably with gears. So I took the micro motors with gearboxes out of the Doodle Bot Kit (Thanks a lot to DAGU for this). Those motors were perfect for the job. Now,I decided to make a track wheel. For that I used wrist bands available at local stores,and cut them according to my requirements. They are made from soft rubber and hence it provides good traction. The Motors had two horns attached to them and I attached two more wheels to them. I have found these wheels inside a DVD,the tray loading mechanism has this kind of grooved wheels,which were just perfect for this. So I used them.



I have used two LDRs and two TCRT5000 modules (Thanks Dan) for sensing the light and obstacles accordingly. The robot is capable of light following and obstacle avoiding at the same time. the sensititvity for light can be callibrated inside the code. This bot will NOT work outside as Sunligt has enough IR rays to confuse it.


At the heart of the system there is DAGU Micro Magician V2 Robot controller board . the board runs perfectly from a single 3.7V battery,so I used it. There is the atmega328 chip on it. The sketch I have compiled is really small. There's enough room left for more sensors and corresponding codes. This board is really great.




The servors were glued together with hot glue. As I had to use some super glue,I am afraid that I will be never able to open the case again :(. The tricky part was the homemade track wheel. Finally it's working and I am happy. As the robot was designed to be small,I pasted the sensors on the Micro magician itself to save space. The code is attached. Your comments are appreciated.

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I reall ylike that wrist band solution for the tracks. Very smart :-) The size and the functionality does entitle it as a true micro robot. The use of material is very much my liking as I am trying to do the same in my projects.

I always try to use these readily available resources as my parts. :D

Tracked robots are awesome, small robots are awesome, you know where yours fits into this already I think.

Climbex just blushed !

Thats a nice robot! Good work!

Thanks drewtoby !

I love how smooth it reacts... and so small!  Nice work!

With the tie dye treads,could call it the "Love Bug"   :)

That's a nice name !

Very nice Dipanjan! I like the tie-dye tank treads =)

How does the robot switch from light seeking to obstical avoiding? Are the IR sensors modulated or continious?

Close call at the end of the first video... good thing you have quick reflexes!

Nice work!

The Robot doesn't switch between the modes,both sensors are active all the time. The case is that,after light crosses a certain intensity (light of torch in this case), LDR starts to act. The IR sensors are still active to avoid collision while following the light.

The IR sensors are continuous. They are actually just an IR diode and a phototransistor pair.