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Nice to meet you. I'm a hobbyist from Japan.

At first, I feel LMR is an awesome community !
There are a lot of unique and creative robots.
All of your works are really NICE !

There are no community like LMR in Japan.
I think there is a difference between the maker's culture of Japan and Western country.
But, we have the same spirit as you.


Today, I want to introduce my robot platform "Shellmo".

It will be too long to write all, so, I write unique points shortly.


Unique points of Shellmo

  • Shell:Shell is a face of Shellmo. You can exchange Shell to another Shell with ease.
  • MCSA structure: Motor, Core, Shell, Accessory. I separated Shellmo to these modules.
  • OpenSource: I think this is not special at here, But, almost robot kit are not opensource yet.
  • Printable: Almost parts (without electric parts) are printable.
  • Heart: A simple interface between Shellmo to us.
  • Decoration: An easy way to change a visual of Shellmo.
  • Micropede motor module: A walking module of Shellmo. Inspired by "Gakken Centipede".
  • Control with the phone: I made control apps for Android phone.
  • Kinetic eyes: I hacked Shellmo's eye for moving itself.


If you are interested, please see these also.

Project page: http://shellmo.org
Gallery: http://shellmo.org/gallery.html
Download: http://shellmo.org/download.html
Mail: yoshida@shellmo.org

Facebook group


More Movies
RepSpider Alpha Build
Shellmo Centaurea

Octalegs motormodule


RepWalker making tutorial




Maker Faire Hannover


Update 140805
Added RepSpider picture and 3Dfiles
Added more pictures and movies etc

Update 140423
Added RepWalker picture and 3D files


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Let me rephrase that: I love it!



Thank you very much ! 

I want to see your robot, too.

This is incredible. Well done!

It must have taken forever to figure out the leg mechanism.

Are there any technical details about how the eye movement works?

500$ are quite expensive, why is that so? 

About Eyes

I didn't make articles and pictures about my customized Eye.
But, thank you for asking. I tell you my trick a little.

I'm good at using artificial muscles. And, I used it to these eyes.

Please see this. I used "BMX100" into these eyes.

About price

Yes, Shapeways. I paid about $340 for making a body of Shellmo.
We trying to make Shellmo by desktop 3D printer. Because of the cost.
If we will success it, the cost will be under $200.(Circuit $170 + Body$ 30)

Thank you for your comment !


You may want to consider casting parts from the printed Shapeways parts. It would definitely save you money, and, allow for repetition without as much scrap that may occur while using a typical desktop 3d printer.

This is one fantastic little creature!

I saw your robots.  Did you hacking your doll ?  That's very cool !

Please create your robot !

Cool robot, the leg motion is so smooth! excelent work!
I really need to think about  getting a 3D printer. 

Thank you very much !

But, Shellmo is not excelent now. This is just a start of Shellmo.

I have to develop more easy and more creative Shellmo with project members.

When you get 3D printer, I want to see your creations! 

That is COOL!  The motion is so fluid and smooth.  Great job especially with the eyes. 

I look forward to seeing how you get those legs to move like that...