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Nice to meet you. I'm a hobbyist from Japan.

At first, I feel LMR is an awesome community !
There are a lot of unique and creative robots.
All of your works are really NICE !

There are no community like LMR in Japan.
I think there is a difference between the maker's culture of Japan and Western country.
But, we have the same spirit as you.


Today, I want to introduce my robot platform "Shellmo".

It will be too long to write all, so, I write unique points shortly.


Unique points of Shellmo

  • Shell:Shell is a face of Shellmo. You can exchange Shell to another Shell with ease.
  • MCSA structure: Motor, Core, Shell, Accessory. I separated Shellmo to these modules.
  • OpenSource: I think this is not special at here, But, almost robot kit are not opensource yet.
  • Printable: Almost parts (without electric parts) are printable.
  • Heart: A simple interface between Shellmo to us.
  • Decoration: An easy way to change a visual of Shellmo.
  • Micropede motor module: A walking module of Shellmo. Inspired by "Gakken Centipede".
  • Control with the phone: I made control apps for Android phone.
  • Kinetic eyes: I hacked Shellmo's eye for moving itself.


If you are interested, please see these also.

Project page: http://shellmo.org
Gallery: http://shellmo.org/gallery.html
Download: http://shellmo.org/download.html
Mail: yoshida@shellmo.org

Facebook group


More Movies
RepSpider Alpha Build
Shellmo Centaurea

Octalegs motormodule


RepWalker making tutorial




Maker Faire Hannover


Update 140805
Added RepSpider picture and 3Dfiles
Added more pictures and movies etc

Update 140423
Added RepWalker picture and 3D files


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it's very cool! Thank you for posting.

And I mean wonderful in its original sense of filling me with wonder. You are an artist, a craftsman, an engineer, and a builder! I love the concept of Shellmo as a building set and I thank you for releasing this to the world.

I also like the concept of beautility. One day, when my 3d printer finally arrives, I would like to make a Shellmo of my own.

  • Welcome....That is very life like. Thanks for posting.

The locomotion is extremely cool and the eyes look great.

Wow. what a cute robot. Love the millipede movement. very clever system.

A good project which I find interesting.

The motor module looks well built and reminded me immediately of the centipede.

The helical gears moving the legs is a good idea.

I also like the cover to make the Cambrian Bear which gives it a look reminiscent of a living animal.

I will be interested to see your future efforts with Shellmo.

You mentioned katana.

Ever since I was a very small child, I have had interest in weapons of many sorts. For perhaps 25 years I had a "utility" katana which I took with me times such as while camping with friends. Finally, I decided I would be able to have a good blade made using the traditional folding techniques. A katana was made for me, and then about two years later, I contacted the same swordsmith and he made a wakazashi to match the katana, so I now have the dai-sho set. As an old man, I will proabably never need to wield them in battle, but to have them is a happy feeling, nonetheless. I cannot afford the very best, but they are the best which I can afford. I have since given my older katana to a nephew who is an adult now.



Sorry to be late to reply.

Fortunately, many people were interested in Shellmo.
We joined Maker faire Hannover last month, and we learned many things.
Now we are trying to develop Shellmo for everyone !

Wow, do you have katana made by swordsmith ? That's great. May be he appreciated your personality.
Please keep it as treasure.

Well, I am a bit late to welcome you to LMR but better later than never :-)

I already downloaded the files for Shellmo and figured out how to place the main structure on our print bed. There is not much room left. maybe later this week I wiull start to print one :-)

I learned about Shellmo last week when basile posted the link. I am very happy that you joined LMR to show your masterpiece :-) Haha, before you do that Japanese modesty let me just say, it's a pices of art and it's a masterpiece of engineering. Well done Sho-san. 

Sorry to be late to reply.

We developped some new motor modules which is easy to print.


If you will try it, please tell me. 

I also like your robot.

I thought your discussion of "beautility" very interesting.

I very much like the concept of beautility.

I think many things can have this quality which would normally look mundane.

I've called circuit board beautiful before and I think it was the blend of beauty and utility that made them so attractive.

I'm fan of Mecanum wheels, IMO these also have a beautility aspect (however my robot does not share this trait).

You mentioned: 

I think there is a difference between the maker's culture of Japan and Western country.

I'm curious of what you mean by this?

I know many Japanese cultural elements seem very strange to many westerners and I'm sure the opposite is true.

Thank you for posting your robot and taking time to explain some of your ideas. I found both very interesting.