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Royal AP8000 8000mAh USB battery for $12 !!!

I just visited one of Costco's Clearance Outlet stores nearby, and found this LiPo battery pack for $12!  Just because it was out of it's packaging!

5v 2.1A out, wich charge level meter on front panel.  Weighs about 12oz...

Had to buy two of them  IMMEDIATELY before someone came to their senses!

It retails at Costco for $40, which is still a great price for LiPo  8000mAh here in Canada. 

I suspect this will run my RPI and a pair of arduino's for most of the day... Separate battery for motors and servos...


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thereturnofthewill's picture

cool i got a 10000mAh usb battery for $16 on ebay.

i opened up the inside and found that the battery and circuit are a lot smaller than the enclosure.

not sure if it would be the same for you, but just letting you know.   

Ro-Bot-X's picture

Wow, thats a good deal! Where is that store located?

unix_guru's picture

Thx Lumi.  Just what I want on my Business Card!


Michael J. Ball

(AKA Unix_Guru)

(aka a Smart LMRian!)


Happy New Year.

lumi's picture

I did not see the picture before. Wow,that's one of these power packs. 12 bucks...awesome. 

lumi's picture

Well, that's a good deal and buying two of them verifies you as a smart LMRian :-)