Let's Make Robots!

Bottoo or is that Bottwo ?

Well..  I'm just starting out on my second Robot.   I learned a lot about what to do, and more specifically what NOT to do while working on Robbie.


This new one will of course be based on the premise of Robbie, Raspberry Pi making the decisions, planning. mapping, etc.. with Arduino's doing the mundane work of running motors, reading encoders. 

My new I2C Pan and Tilt will manage sonar, but I will also be adding paralax lazer range finding in front, thanks to a Black and Decker Lazer Line Level and a USB webcam.  (Anyone got this working, please let me know!)

I purchased two new 120:1 all metal 50RPM gear motors to tug this thing along.    The motors and servos will be powered by one LiPo battery pack, while the electronics will be powered by a pair of USB battery packs in parallel...


I'm also toying with the idea of building an induction charging base with IR beacons....  Again... anyone got this working?


So... here's the first pic of the chassis, without electronics and pan/tilt pod...   (gotta start somewhere, right?)


Wish me luck...