Let's Make Robots!

My first robot

Avoids objects, recognizes objects, and more. Breaks

Newest Update:

Oh my, its been a long time. Well, I'm finally back to programming the little guy after many hours of trial and error. Unfortunantly, he had a bit of a fall and broke one of his power switches and popped off his treads, but thats easy enough to fix, so I hope to have another video of him taking on the living room soon. 


 Pictures and a video.





 Old pictures
















UPDATE: Mounting the components (old)

I have started to mount all the components. Here are some pictures:




Treads. They have finnally been added to the robot.It can now move from place to place like a good little robot.


Here is the screen, and here is one of the Sharp sensors. Wheres the other one you ask? Wait and see.


Closeup of the sensor. 


Side veiw of the treads. See those gold colored things? Plated titanium.


Switches. 2 out of the 3 have been installed. The last one will be a reset pushswitch. For when it tries to take over the world. Or more specificly my living room.




Why, whats that? Its the second sensor. Mounted and angled to look for ledges. Notice the mounting brackts for the tread system.


The mounting system for the bottom two idlers allows me to easily and quickly both adjust the tension on the treads and move the place ment of the individual wheels and over all tread placement. I have already worked out the best setup t distribute the weight effectivly. 


Here is a closeup.


closeup of the sensor


top veiw.









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Good solution for the tread tension. They look nice and tight. Show us vids!
Thankyou. Well, as soon as my chip gets here, I will plug in some simple code and show you all the treads in action.
Man that thing is coming along. Sure hope you planned for all that weight.That is going to be one awesome machine when done.I know it isn't born yet but is it a he,or she,what name have you picked. These are all the things you relize about the time the robot becomes personal.......
Yeah, what are you gonna name it?
I really dont know what I am going to name it yet. Im having a hard time.

The neck assembly is just beautiful. I think I might be callin' it...

I officially forbid you from any paint. --DeLorean style, yo!

I have slowly grow accustomed to the metal look. As per your request, no paint. I like it better without paint.

Nice progress. Cant wait to see more.

Your question about the IR sensors: If you mount one at the bottom. don't make it look straight down but slightly to the front. I dont know how high the sensor will be above the ground, but you need to take into account that the IR sensors don't give proper readings on objects that are too close.

have a look at the documentation for the sensors to see how far the nearest detection range is. It also depends on which type you have: the 30cm or 80cm ones. The longer the range: the further the minimum distance. 

Thank you. Yes, I have just looked at my ir sensors and the manuals, and have decided to mount one in the front for wall/object detection and one about in the middle slanted slightly down on the bottom so that it sees just in front of the bot, giving it an early warning.
the body on that thing, i cant wait to see what you do with it all. Maybe you can give me a few tips on metal working!