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The biggest moments in life..

Hi Guys,

I just figured I’d share this moment with you. The picture was taken just after my wife had been given birth to our second daughter a couple of days ago, December the 22. Guess I’m not much of a planner ;) But hey, at least it was not on Christmas eve!

Thank you for the greetings I have received by mail - as always, it’s amazing to feel your friendship :)


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Congrats on the new daughter! Glad everything went well. Did you enjoy your Christmas?

Glad to see everything went well. I was waiting to see what happened. Happy Holidays!

Wonderful picture...congrats on your new addition!

Congrats Frits and welcome to your new family addition. 

Best wishes for the four of you! Congratulations.

Welcome to the world and welcome to the LMR family!!!!

Wow, these moments are the ones you will never forget and you will never regret. Congratulation to your baby girl, all the best for you, your wife and your two little daughters. I hope that I can see them in real one day when I come to Denmark :-) (remember, we still have to throw a BBQ party in your garden)

See you got an early Christmas present!

Thank you for sharing your joy with us.  Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

Three women in the house now; you will be putting the toilet seat down for the rest of your life!



Congratulations on the new edition.  Such an awesome christmas gift. Take care.