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The best "cliff" detector

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any personal preferance towards sensors for cliff detection. I am starting a new robot that needs this. Any suggestions?

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Microswitch with roller activator. Have the roller of the microswitch rest against the floor. When the activator is deactivated you are flying off a cliff.
LOL I think by then it is probably too late and the bot should deploy its parachute or gadget-copter!
Well you can put it on the ends of your robot.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I want something that can be flush with the bottom. Something that will work with a picaxe 28x1
Hehehe I'd equip it with a voice synth, or pre-recorded with "oh shiiiii-" while it flys off!

What do you mean by flush with the bottom?
How can you not use a switch with a picaxe 28x1?
the bottom of my robot is completely flat, so something that I could fit in by cutting some of the bottom out and fitting it so the bottom is basicly flush again.
so the bottom is completely flat

May I suggest, because looks matters: