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Arduino Controled Servo Robot (SERB) | oomlout

Acts as a bare base to add sensors and creativity to

This is my Arduino Controlled Servo Robot. It's an open source robot kit with, as the name indicates, an Arduino for it's brain, made from acrylic. It currently has no sensors, but that leaves it a lovely blank canvas to add your creativity to.


For full instructions and details on how to make your own:



Or if you're looking to jump right in kits with everything you need to get started roboting are available from oomlout.com ($175 with free shipping to the USA and Canada)




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Looks good, nice clean base for adding your own ideas on to.


Although the first thing through my mind when I saw the thumbnail on the frontpage was "awesome! robowheelchair!".

I thought the same thing. Looked larger than life. None the less, pretty neat platform.
Hey thanks, good idea on the wheel chair front, I do have a teddy bear who has been shelf bound for oh so many years, perhaps he will be interested in it.