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auto trike

Navigate around via ultrasound

Originally this was going to be a bicycle light seeking robot, but what the heck it turned into an object avoiding trike lol. 

i still would like to make this a light seeking robot. if anyone has code for it.  

4 x aaa battery case

the wheels spin separately because when it used to turn the wheels tried to go in opposite directions causing it to skid.

lego saves the day again 

the us-100 ping sensor i'm using can detect objects 3.5m away, but i have it set at 50cm

arduino pro 5v


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I like the minimalist design. Its very clean and looks like it works well. Nice camera work too!

Really nice how you made that work man. Looks like a trike for sure, cool fat tires, and simple common parts. Very creative!


I like the way it moves! Nice build.


WOW ! thats awesome ! ive been working on a project similar like this for a while now and ive never done it right ..... But you nailed it :)))


Great job!  Looks very nice and clean.  Good use of the battery holder.




Haha, that is a good idea. That trike needs only one motor, so only one pin is occupied. 

I like the choice of material and components, the Lego wheels and Popsicles are quite a common stuff here on LMR :-) excellent pictures and nice video. I am still missing some more deatils written about your robot,not that I can't imagine but I like to read them :-D