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Friction fit wheels to Solarbotics "baby" motors

When I ordered my solarbotics track kit, I threw in a few of their "baby" GM motors thinking they would be fantastic for mini robots. When they arrived and it came time to USE them I couldn`t for the life of me figure out how to stick any of the tamiya gear I wanted to use to the thin metal output shaft.

This simple tip is for those other robot hobbyists not lucky enough to be able to machine their own hubs or not wanting to solder to the shaft.

It uses the plastic tamiya push pin rivits to make a simple friction fit connection with hubs that have the tamiya hex shaft hole. Just put the pin into the wheel hub and push the motor shaft through the hole in the back of the pin. The pin has a split and it widens as the shaft goes further in, holding it tight.

 It was kind of a eureka moment for me so I`ll post it here in the hope it helps someone else too.




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One thing that often causes problems is trying to get a wheel on a motor shaft, if there isn't a pre-made one for it. Cool Idea, where'd the push pins come from?
They`re the tamiya plastic rivets. Pretty expensive from that website, but they also come with tamiya plastic plate kits.