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iRobot Rooma 530 Robot

It roomba's around the house... :)

IMG_3560-Roomba-Motherboardtesting.jpgThis really was just built to learn how to program C# robotics applications. A goal is to have some type of object tracking via the webcam, currently it uses just the roomba standard sensors for navigation. Outdoors I have a GPS module that I will be testing in a local tennis court once summer comes back and the snow is gone....








 This is a picture of the SCI control cable, it connects to a standard serial port TTL 5V, (uses a max232 for the PC connection), and has one special control line to wake up the roomba.


The next picture shows me making a template from lexan to hold the CPU, HDD, and various other components.


Lexan cut into a roomba shape....


 This is a power wire added to a remote switch as there is no longer access to the main top power button. I will actaully be adding a small cable assebly to bring out the dock, clean, demo and lights to a control board ontop of the robot.


 Guenuine Microsoft XP Professional COA, ;)


Test fitting all the components before final assembly...


Completed robot... see youtube video of its first power on and run...


Got some basic object tracking working, set to keep and follow a red object at a specified distance.


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yaeh but it wuld be cool to have one

this is cool now i got to build one

Have you readmy comment on using the right mcu? If you don't know how to choose the right 8-bit mcu yourself, it will be impossible to come at least half this far.

for those who want to start, but dont want to build everything by themselves-  there is an option to program Roomba (or Create) using .Net (or any other programming language)

It is really easy! - see for yourself: http://www.robotappstore.com/Knowledge-Base/1-Introduction-to-Roomba-Programming/15.html

I have always been interested in the laptop controlled robots. The C# GUI you made, was it made by you? What type of communication did you use if it is remoteley operated, and do you think any code could be supplied, atleast the blob recognition one? That looks sleek.


Edit: Holy shit!! nevermind, thats the computer's motherboard there!! I have never seen something like that, where someone actually used an onboard legitimate computer to control the bot, as opposed to a remote laptop or a palmtop or something on top. VERY impressive mate, loooking forward to more details/bots!

Thanks for your reply. I hope to post a more detailed buid document soon (something that is written more clearly!) I was just trying to get it posted for everyone to see the progress as soon as possible.

As for the computer on a robot, I can take no credit for a uniquie approach to putting on a computer on a robot. The VIA series of pico-ITX motherboards have been appearing inside of robots for some time now, and myself i've had a netbook running on this Roomba, as well as I've seen some netbooks on Roomba's and NXT robots over the past few months, which is essentialy what I have minus the sceen/keyboard.

It looks to me like you have a whole PC, a disk drive, a wi-fi hub and a breadboard sitting on top of your vacuum? Wouldn't it be cheaper to employ a cleaner; and s/he might also be able to clean the stairs?

Only kidding, it's a fantastic project.


took out the cleaning parts... so it can't even vacuum ;)

How come you didn't just start with an iRobot Create?
Probably diddnt know about it.