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LOGO :- UV Laser Style

Parallax Scribbler (S2) Robot - Ultra Violet Laser & XBee & LOGO (Part 2 of 5)

This is the second in a series of 5 Videos going from basic to advanced hacking of the S2 robot.

This second modification uses an UltraViolet Laser (the one I use can be focused for really thin line details)

The 1mW Blue (400nm) Laser simply fits into the pen slot of the S2 , it is driven off the Hacker Port via a transistor which means it can be switched ON/OFF under software control.

I am using a version of LOGO found off the www.parallax.com OBEX data base. Documentation

The code was modified to accommodate the new laser commands, basically the Laser switches on whenever there is any type of forward motion.

The LOGO commands are being transmitted via an XBee radio link as the original long serial communications cable often tied itself up.

The components are directly soldered to a 3 pin female header socket which slots straight into the Hacker Port.
The Laser module just plugs into a 2 pin female header.

The end result 5 point star plotted onto a sheet of Phosphourescent vinyl :-

To get the 5 pointed star I am using the stock XBee "XCTU" Serial terminal ....
You can program packets of LOGO commands and send them over the 2.4Ghz tube.

Maths Challenge :- How can you accurately calculate the radius of the final big circle; given only the length of one side (20.0cm) and the angle that the scribbler turns to draw the next side (144°) .

(The answer is 10.51cm however what is the formula......???)

If you want to peep at the maths behind it then click below  ;-)

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I love the 5-pointed star!  I've been meaning to get ahold of a UV laser diode myself to test it as a means of killing plants.  Do you have anything green around the domicile that you woulnd't mind pointing yours at for me?

The trouble with focasable lasers is they become too bright at the focus point to even see if they are focusing or not......

.......defeats the object actually... however  it will stop me burning the phosphor screen after all...

Haha.  Damn, that one got my ribs...


Loving this series.  Thanks for the great work and detailed explanations.