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A big one

voice and RSS feeds synthesizer, telepresence, strong arm
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This is my first robot project. It's a 115cm tall creature powered by an Atom motherboard and a Delphi program under windows. It's remote controlled only by now (trough TCP) I plan to develop automations as soon as I learn how.




 Early RobClient screenshot




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Sorry about the marriage, I know what it's like. As for the robot, thanx for the pics. When I refered to strength, I was interested in how much it could pick up. With a torque of 120Kg-cm (24x5) and an arm length (fully extended) of aprox. 40cm (guessing by the photo) it should still be able to lift about 30Kg max? I'm guessing you'd bend the threaded rod that makes the upper section of the arm first. Thats impressive as well as expensive. Unfortunately BoozeBot is on a lower budget with power window motors and $15 grinder gearboxes. I'll be happy with 3Kg lift.
The strength of the arm has two key points:
1) Power: The robot carries a 45Ah (13Kg!) battery.
2) Money: Ultra high torque servos (24Kg-cm) and a gear box for the shoulder (5:1).
The use of a gear drive pan system (http://www.robotshop.ca/Servocity-SPG800-Gearbox-5m.html) for the shoulder was the best idea I had since my divorce. Not only gives strength to the arm, it also avoids the horrible servo vibration. The tradeoff is speed, of course, but if you don't plan to use it for perverted things, its ok. (cell phone, sorry) photos:
I'd like to know more about your arm design. How strong is it? Can you post some close up photos of it?
Yeah, me too! :)

What does it DO?

I'm bustin' to see this video!

That things awesome. I like the idea of using the atom.

I´m using the intel D945GCLF Atom motherboard which consumes about 80W. Its not bad but there is a better one (less power, same processor) look at http://us.kontron.com/products/boards+and+mezzanines/embedded+motherboards/miniitx+motherboards/ktus15mitx++16+plus.html


What hapenned to K.I.S.S.?

You must have some sort of mechanical/electronics background to start off with something this big!


Anyhow, nice robot! I'll be checking for updates.

Well, I'm a very experienced software developer, I know a little bit of electronics and PIC programming and nothing about mechanics. But I'm unconscious enough to start a project of this size and learn on the way. Thank you for your comments, I'll be uploading some videos shortly.

Nice robot!

where did you get the motors for the wheels from?