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Follows and Tracks A light Source
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KALSABER is an autonomous Light seeking robot that can Track a light source with a hacked servo head, and will proceed to follow it.


Krumlink's Autonomous Light Seeking Advanced BEhavior Robot v1.0

Unfortunately this robot is Currently Disassembled, but I took many pictures, and The circuitry is still working.

Kalsaber uses 4 CDS Cells in a 2 pair configuration that is then fed back through a Conduit that feeds into the robot's Circuity. It has 3 Transistor H Bridges, 1 sensor board, and 1 "Motherboard". It is all custom built circuitry, and the servo has been hacked for easy hook up. The Servo Head has it's H Bridge mounted on it, with the Sensor head on it's Side (look at the pictures). I spent a lot of time trying to get the thing working, then it worked great. I usually just use the Head, since it works nearly perfectly. Unfortunately no Video exists of it operating, but it worked great :)


All point to point wiring xD

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Shame there is no video - I would love to see the thing in action!

/ Fritsl

I'd love to see a video of it too. The body being all plastic (container) is pretty damn cool in it's basic way. :P