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Hello there.........Hot Glue!

Hey there guys,

Finally, ( let me repeat that again ), FINALLY, I have made my entry to the LMR HOT GLUE CLUB !! (Really? Is there one? :D)

Long story. Many places were searched and explored in Kathmandu. Many shops and mini-markets, hunted down, and from one, out comes an LMRian's favourite weapon!

Below is where I found it. It's a place called Asan, a busy street market area. Pretty much an offline real world e-bay for me ! ( cheap stuff )


So if you ever plan on dropping by ( a slight possibility ) AND need a hot glue gun :D ( now that's not happening, I know ), just refer to the pic above. In other words, it's just as useless as helpful it is! ( There are nice temples though! )

Anyways, this is what I have right now :


It cost me NRs 450. That's around 4-5$. Came with 2 free glue sticks, so, not a bad deal as well \ O /



Also bought a pair of extra glue sticks. Let's see how it goes. I am expecting it to be a great ride!

Time for some HOT GLUE! Starting with the Bi-Ped. ( Arghhh, I remember I still need a name for it!! )

See ya in the SB o/



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LOL!  Thanks for the directions.  Your picture makes me want to travel to Nepal.  I wouldn't have thought it would be so hard to find; glad you found some.




Haha, thanks Bill.I am happy to know that the picture captured your and the other guys' sights. Please do visit sometime soon!



I want to go there too, but for its religion and temples, not the glue gun.

Very cheap price though!


Nice to hear that jasongo. Come soon!


LOL, nice blog post Ashim. Well, there is no official CLUB of hot glue lovers or as MarkusB said: "Hot Glue Pistoleros" :-)

However, if you are up to be our president, then we will call it the "LMR Hot Glue Pistoleros Club" from now. I know, kariloy would call it LMRHGPC :-)

Haha. LOL Lumi! I don't know if i'll suit the presidency post but one thing is for sure : Kariloy will definitely call the club LMRHGPC. :-D


Hot Glue Pistoleros \O/