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Robot Chameleon

Adjusts colors for camouflage in accordance with vision
Robot_Chameleon.zip1.42 KB

Today my daughter and me continued to study our animal encyclopedia. We found the chameleon. I tried to explain her that some species adjust their colors for camouflage in accordance with the vision, but she did not understand, so I built a simple robot chameleon during her afternoon nap.




  • Arduino Uno or Mega
  • Arduino prototype shield
  • Male pin headers
  • 3 x resistor 330R
  • GY-31 (TCS3200 breakout board)
  • 20cm Ribbon cable (8 wires)
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Ping pong ball
  • Two-component putty for the tail and head of the chameleon
  • Tin solder


  • Soldering iron
  • End-cutting pliers & scissors
  • Battery drill (5mm drill)
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Waterproof markers for the paint of the chameleon


See attachment

Future ideas

  • Add temperature sensor to adjust color
  • Add capacitive touch sensor to adjust color

My daughter is very excited about the little robot chameleon and played a long time with it. She does now understand that some chameleons adjust their colors for camouflage in accordance with the vision and she learned some names of colors in different languages (German and English).

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Very innovative and creative Markus Sir! Loved the chameleon and the instant colour changes!


One day you will be able to buy an oled light fitting the size of a wall and instead of painting the living room, you just use Markus's chameleon to pick whatever colour you feel like today.
What an awesome daddy.

Nice way to teach colors...  Great idea.



"I built a simple robot chameleon during her afternoon nap."

Well done Markus, very efficient and a great way to keep the little ones busy for hours :-) 

Does your daughter also understand and speak Chinese?

Yeah, she talks Chinese like a Chinese :)

The code is running properly but the leds on the sensor are not flashing as seen in your video.

Please help me out at your earliest convenience.



Hi markus, 

Really nice project, which i love to try out.

Though i run into a problem in while compiling the code: 

'maximum' is not declared in this scope

I am a bit stuck here. Average.h is installed correctly...