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"Pimp My Ride"

"Blendering" a new Chassis for my S2 scribbler.

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I've been wanting to do this myself but I really don't have the chops in Blender.  Any chance this will fit the 32812 Prop board?  And that you'll share the finished project files?  How difficult would it be to edit these into a version that uses Little Black Duck motors?

Gareth left out a lot of details about this project. The model shown would be used with the lower half of the original Scribbler 2 body (and electronics).

He posted a bit more detail over here.

This custom part would hold the motors in place while the top half of the body is removed. This would make it easier to adjust internal modifications without having to continually remove and replace the top section.

The recent discussion of possible changes to the S2 suggests the S3 would have the hacker port easier to access.

IMO, the S2 is a fun robot. It occasionally goes on sale for less than $100. I've noticed it's usually a Black Friday sale item (I purchased mine several Black Fridays ago for $90).


One Step closer :-