Let's Make Robots!

Argh! I want my robot gear!

Hey guys. Well I ordered these today and hopefully I'll be getting these in less than 2 weeks!


What do you think? (I simply copied the list from my invoice, so the pricing and everything is there.


Am I missing anything? Or would you recommend something else?

10 Piece(s)


 Red LED

(Colour : Red)

£0.05   £0.50
10 Piece(s)


Yellow LED

(Colour : Yellow)

£0.05   £0.50
1 Piece(s) 3 x AA Battery Box and Switch £0.74   £0.74
1 Piece(s) CR2032 Cell Holder £0.40   £0.40
1 Piece(s) Button Cell £0.56   £0.56
1 Piece(s) Battery Clip £0.08   £0.08
1 Piece(s) PICAXE Servo Upgrade Pack £13.00   £13.00
1 Piece(s) Infrared sensor £0.42   £0.42
1 Piece(s) PICAXE Labels (Mixed)

(Label : Mixed)

£0.99   £0.99
1 Piece(s) PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB)

1 Piece(s) PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack
1 Piece(s) PICAXE USB Download Cable

£25.61   £25.61
10 Piece(s) Stereo PICAXE socket £0.08   £0.80
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (4.5V) £0.20   £0.20
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (3V) £0.20   £0.20
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (6V) £0.22   £0.22
10 Piece(s) Miniature 6mm Tactile Switch £0.06   £0.60
10 Piece(s) Green LED

(Colour : Green)

£0.05   £0.50
2 Piece(s) DS18B20 Temperature Sensor £1.99   £3.98
2 Piece(s) Miniature PCB Piezo Transducer £0.57   £1.14
2 Piece(s) Magnetic Pin (Pair) £0.55   £1.10
1 Piece(s) L293D motor driver £3.00   £3.00
1 Piece(s) Axle material for gears and wheels. £1.25   £1.25
1 Piece(s) 7 Segment Display £0.60   £0.60
4 Piece(s) Motor - MM28 - High Torque £0.70   £2.80


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Kind of pricey for the L293D
No kitchen sink? :)

A good list of parts. I am going to assume that your already have a breadboard and jumper wires.

I would have doubled up on some of the components. As a beginner, there is a good chance you will "let out the magic smoke'" from one or two of them. I still do that occaisionally.

Also yu are missing some resistors for driving yuour LED 

Have fun


Oh, thank you both for pointing out certain things I might be missing.

 I was planning on getting a breadboard from a local electronics shop, as with resistors. However I wasn`t sure which resistors to get, since the offer different voltage/A resistance. Would any of you recommend some that are of common use?


As for the breadboard, I assume they're all the same except for their size right?

All solderless breadboards are basically the same. Get a big one you'll need it eventually. Get an assortment of 1/4 watt resistors. It will save you time if they have a big pack. You will use 330ohm and 4k7 a lot.

OddBot, you just cleared a lot of questions in that reply, and for that, thanks!

jklug80, is buying a single lare breadboard a good idea? Or is getting a large one for eventual use but getting some smaller ones an also good idea to start off with?


Thanks again to both of you!

You misspelled "color" and you used some sorta funny "L" instead of "$"... Other than that, looks good.