Let's Make Robots!

Argh! I want my robot gear!

Hey guys. Well I ordered these today and hopefully I'll be getting these in less than 2 weeks!


What do you think? (I simply copied the list from my invoice, so the pricing and everything is there.


Am I missing anything? Or would you recommend something else?

10 Piece(s)


 Red LED

(Colour : Red)

£0.05   £0.50
10 Piece(s)


Yellow LED

(Colour : Yellow)

£0.05   £0.50
1 Piece(s) 3 x AA Battery Box and Switch £0.74   £0.74
1 Piece(s) CR2032 Cell Holder £0.40   £0.40
1 Piece(s) Button Cell £0.56   £0.56
1 Piece(s) Battery Clip £0.08   £0.08
1 Piece(s) PICAXE Servo Upgrade Pack £13.00   £13.00
1 Piece(s) Infrared sensor £0.42   £0.42
1 Piece(s) PICAXE Labels (Mixed)

(Label : Mixed)

£0.99   £0.99
1 Piece(s) PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB)

1 Piece(s) PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack
1 Piece(s) PICAXE USB Download Cable

£25.61   £25.61
10 Piece(s) Stereo PICAXE socket £0.08   £0.80
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (4.5V) £0.20   £0.20
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (3V) £0.20   £0.20
1 Piece(s) Battery Box (6V) £0.22   £0.22
10 Piece(s) Miniature 6mm Tactile Switch £0.06   £0.60
10 Piece(s) Green LED

(Colour : Green)

£0.05   £0.50
2 Piece(s) DS18B20 Temperature Sensor £1.99   £3.98
2 Piece(s) Miniature PCB Piezo Transducer £0.57   £1.14
2 Piece(s) Magnetic Pin (Pair) £0.55   £1.10
1 Piece(s) L293D motor driver £3.00   £3.00
1 Piece(s) Axle material for gears and wheels. £1.25   £1.25
1 Piece(s) 7 Segment Display £0.60   £0.60
4 Piece(s) Motor - MM28 - High Torque £0.70   £2.80


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I eMailed Futurlec, now almost two and a half weeks after I placed the order, asking why it was taking so long. I get the following response:

Dear Sir,
Our apologies for the delay, your order is complete with the exception of the
Jumper Kit
This part is currently on back-order and is expected to arrive in a few days, when we
will be able to ship your order.  We can however arrange to ship your order now and follow
up with this part when it becomes available. Please confirm if this is okay.
Best Regards
Sales Manager

So I eMail this back:

Just send the Jumper-Kit later! Argh!


Which is responded with:

 Dear Sir,

Your order as per the above order number has already been shipped by Post
The shipping receipt number is XX xxxx xxxx xx
Your order should arrive in 7-10 days

Many Thanks for shopping with Futurlec.

Best Regards,
Order Handling Manager



...COME ON! (still, cheap prices, so thanks OddBot, no matter how slow.)

I can't see why people don't like UPS, it took 2 days for an order from B & H in the US t get to me in Australia. How can it be faster to go overseas than within the same country, but then again: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=xcIOy6XcM3s

What's wrong with you man! You forgot the ultrasonic sensor! Wait... What's wrong with me? I don't have an ultrasonic sensor!  

The world's best motto: When all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

I'll notify you as soon as I get the confirmation eMail!

Thank again!

Great! I just ordered for almost $100US from futurlec...

Thanks OddBot... I guess.


I'm sure your wallet is cursing me. Let me know how long it takes and where it comes from. Depending where you live they may send it from somewhere other than Thailand. It'll probably take about two weeks to arrive after they send an email notifying you of it's despatch. If a part you ordered is on backorder then it may be a while before they even send it. The longest I've waited was about 4weeks so be patient :)

Never heard of these guys before. I'll check it out.


Thanks OddBot! 

Possibly, but doubtful, as a few hours later he sent an invoice indicating that he sent it out - something I didn't receive the day I ordered it.

 He also mentionned it will take a minimum of two weeks, but will probably take 3 weeks... no other reasons/explaining was given.

Still, for something from the US that goes by Airmail, it is pretty long.

 I should have ordered some wheels/motors (which I need to start) from some other place! Lesson learned.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

For that amount of time you could have ordered from Futurlec. I order a lot of parts from there because they are super cheap, there is no minimum order and postage is only $4-$6US international. The down side is about 2-3 week delivery time. Sometimes more.

They have some cool stuff like training/development boards no matter what processor you use. I just got my PIC18F4550 developement board today. Now I just have to re-learn C.

The guys JUST emailed me asking for my Postal Code!?

 I guess I forgot it, but asking it 5 days later?