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Autonomous Navigation Robot

The process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or a vehicle from one place to another is termed as Navigation. By employing and implementing a suitable design, we can create a vehicle that can navigate from one point to another without a driver. Autonomous Navigation Vehicle (AGV) is an automated vehicle that does not require operation from an operator. It can navigate through the shortest route possible and can avoid the obstacles within the path. It plays a major role in the applications such as military, industrial and agricultural purposes. Applications on military for bomb diffusing gives a major impact to reduce fatal injury. In other area the military can use the autonomous mobile robot to rescue the injured army from the battlefield. All these uses will save life and is suitable for unexpected war nowadays. Another application of this vehicle is surveillance and for fire extinguishing. This vehicle can also be used as a shuttle service inside a vast campus. The vehicle can accomplish the task of obstacle avoidance by using a sonar sensor. This device was designed as a prototype for small vehicles and it can be implemented to large vehicle depending on the application. This project uses low cost equipments and instrumentation.