Let's Make Robots!

Run away robot

I don't have a enough skill to do it, yet, but it would be cool for one of you to make a robot that runs away and hides.  I was thinking you could make it go to the darkest part of the room and wait until it hears sound coming to it (with several mics pointing in each direction) and run away from it.  Or just one that hears and runs away.

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I was thinking about sound sensors, but concluded that the robots own motor noise would overwhelm any useful directional capabilities. I sort of hope I'm wrong as it would be nice to make a robot that headed towards or away from loud noises.

It would be an end to all those horror films in which the hero heads down to the cellar because s/he hears chainsaws/screams. Send the robot instead.


What if it runs to the dark part of the room and sits with no motors turns on and when it hears a sound it figures out which microphone is the loudest and goes to the opposite direction for a few yards then stops and waits again.  If it hears no sound for a certain period of time it finds the darkest part of the room and restarts the program.