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BoB arounds... increases the ranks of the BoB Army

Tentatively Called Grey BoB The Bringer Of Caos, Destruction, Bleakness And Sesame Seed Ice Cream or just TCGBTBOCDBASSIC is a BoB.

BoB's need no introduction, this is my own rendition of a BoB, printed the plastic parts on my first weekend of printing with my newly arrived Makibox A6 HT, albeit not a perfect print I believe it's good enough to make a full BoB out of it so that he can join the ranks!

No there's still the worse part to come, how to fill that big empty head of his...


February 15th, 2014

Fitted servos in BoB's legs (with the help of a screwdriver and hot glue) and HC-SR04 in BoB's peep holes (with the help of a file).

February 8th-9th, 2014

Printed BoB's parts on my Makibox A6HT using Grey ABS filament.





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Yup, sesame seed/black sesame ice cream, the ice cream color is actually grey.... just like my ABS :P

Saw that ice cream last week at the japanese restaurant, but didn't pick it at first because I was suspicious, but then tasted a bit from a friend's bowl... and it's surprisingly not bad at all :P

And thanks... it will still be tricky to jam a brain in there... might take a while more :P

Best name hands down :) Awesome robot as well!

thanks :) for now... is just a shell... still must put the "robot" inside it :)

Congrats on the great print kariloy.I am sure you will fill the head soon, and dominance shall prevail! Fellow BoBs, beware!!!



Well done kariloy, not only another BoB rises but also a BoB with a quite cool name :-) (LOL)