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Omni-directional Platform for Ohio State robot contest

Presses buttons, follows lines, and moves things around

Its time for another robot contest!   This one is for my Fundamentals of Engineering Honors class at Ohio State.  We have been assigned teams of four, and I am the main builder for my team.  You can check out the attached video for the course and our finished chassis.  Things will change as we add tools, and we may laser cut a final version of the chassis if we have room in the budget.  I’ll add videos periodically as we update our robot.  

The new video shows a test run for one of our performance tests.  This is not a complete run, it still needs to push the button and deposit the scoop.  Hopefully in two weeks or so (after spring break) we'll have a complete path programed.

I am also considering replacing the linkages with a mechanism that uses stretchy bands to hold the wheels in position.  By holding them tight against the side of the chassis it should help it drive in a straight line better.  


**Competition was this Saturday.  Out of 74 robots we made it to the final 16, then got out because our VEX motor was starting to die (it was the discontinued 269 motor, so there were no replacements) 

We also got 1st place best engineered and 3rd place most innovative 

Final presentation with some details of our final design: http://slides.com/carterhurd/feh-2014

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That is very cool!  I never would have thought to go the direction you have with this.  It looks like it wiil be very maneuverable and probably be excellent for the course in mind.  Good luck with the contest.



Someday I am going to find a way to put together enough money to hire you and Pat (Patrick McCabe)...

We could make so much friggin' money together, yo.

I've admired your creations so that is an honor.  And wow I've gotta make my website pretty like Patrick's...  

I now have a lab job at OSU, with the assignment being making a robotic hand using compliant joints.  I'm also involved in FIRST and the MATE ROV competition, so right now robotics is basically my life.  However, I'm not sure I forsee a coming "robotics revolution" like some have talked about (and like Google kinda seems to be planning for), at least not in the public sector.  Most upstart robotics companies have seemingly failed to crack the code.  

I obviously love robots, but sometimes it feels like robots try to create a niche or fulfill a need that isn't there.  Example: BigDog.  I don't think that that makes such robots a waste, not at all.  It just seems hard to translate a lot of robotics into economic sucess.  

Wow.Very cool.I have seen something a little bit simillar over here.