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See what Robot Sees - JKA style

JKA has made an Java applet that takes serial output from any Microcontroller, and displays it in much better ways than the low-tech version I posted earlier.

The applet will work for any microcontroller that can output serial data.

It can now be downloaded for free :)

The image in this post is from work I am doing now, making a robot recognize a plastic cup - the lines shows me what my robot sees when the cup is placed different places, and what it looks like for it.

This makes it a breeze for me to teach the robot what to look for when recognizing a cup from other subjects in the same "ring".



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I have to digg this out again ;-)

Are you still using or developing this? I wonder if the graph can show you the exact number of cm in distance AND in width? Why width? Ok, that the robot can measure if it fits trought the gap or have to go around if it's to narrow.


Hmm... If you want to kill me, I would rather work on my defense robots instead of the program. Unfortunately, all the shops are fresh out of doomsday-devices...

Joke aside, I am working on the program. No, there is no support for saving the datasets in the first version. There must be something for the second version. Iam doing the final test and brushup and I am putting up a website with instructions, links and examples.

It's realy awesome, can see he got it plotting multiple pings thats pretty neat and usefull, does it support saving the data sets? Because that would be realy usefull, I would think