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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i wasnt sure where to put it. 


Ive just been given £100 for christmas which i plan to spend on components. Im still to make my mind up as to what to spend it on. So im looking to you 'orrible lot for ideas.


What's on your wishlist at the moment?  

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Depends on what you have already and to a lesser extent what processor you use but servos and sensors are always useful. Futurlec have some cheap pre-assembled mini boards with things like extra memory, real time clock etc. They deliver world wide, there is no minimum order and postage is cheap if you don't mind waiting 2-3 weeks.

They also have some cool training and development boards for all different processors. I'm waiting for one to arrive now so I can learn to program a more powerful processor for my future needs. The picaxe basic is too slow for some things I want to do.



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Robot components I'd like to buy would be sensors first, prob some more Maxbotix sonars,some of the newer long range Sharp, maybe some good quadrature encoders, perhaps a gyro or IMU (6 DOF). Wireless I'd get would be Digi (Maxstream) XBee stuff. Got a few good motors, a few good micros, but might try an Arduino and an LPC2148 board. Maybe a Mini-ITX PC to have as an onboard vision/speech recog/scheduler/planner. Maybe a couple interesting h-bridge, Robot Power Simple-H.

Tools - lathe, mill, oscilloscope, maybe ebay. 

Embedded Artists Christmas Tree ( get it bundled with the LPC2103 Educatiuon board ) EA-EDU-901