Let's Make Robots!

Froggy, the quadruped experiment

jump a bit, falls upside down
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P1010105.JPG46.43 KB

Another foamboard bot


this one has 4 legs and a pan/tilt mounted Ping)))


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That was better without the wires, what were you using an LM3940 for?

LM2940 is part of the parallax boe

 let's hook the 28X with some batt 

Sorry, my laptop has a small (7inch) screen, I misread the text. Trying to run 6 servos from a 1A regulator will do that, especially if it doesn't have a big heatsink. That is why I made this.

We need stronger actuators!

I really like the way it moves without the weight, jumping like a happy dog!

warning, the following frankensteinish image is not intended to be seen by young or innocent eyes



I totaly agree.

Like if another bot was boosting some discharged bot it found on the service road.

Nicely done!

It reminded me of a puppy at play. A bit Frankensteinish using the Boebots brain to control another body?