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Made In Nepal Expo 2014 : A Glimpse

Hey there guys!

Whenver there's a relatively huge event in Nepal, the organizers resort to "Bhrikuti Mandap" as the venue. So was the case this time. The Made in Nepal Expo 2014 was held from 14th - 17th Feb 2014, at Bhrikuti Mandap. 

As the event name suggested, the event hosted hundreds of stalls that ranged from furniture to clothing and from pottery to 21st century art-work, in short, everything that's made in Nepal. Of course, why would I post this if there weren't some robots on display?

Pictures! Your Up Next!



Fine woodwork on display.



Clothes on display. Mostly our National Dress ( Daura Suruwal )



This one caught my eyes. Brilliant claywork and metalwork side-by-side.



Some wooden and clay-based sculptures on display.



Organic Tea! Good For Health!



Our National Dress "Daura Suruwal" and Our national cap, "Dhaka Topi".



Sorry for the blurry picture. Grains and Pulses : Rice, Lentils, and other spices on display.



Nice artwork too!



Yummmmmm! Honeeeey! FIXED PRICE! NO BARGAIN! :P :-D



Some nice picture frames!



A poster put on display by a Book-Publishing House for creating educational awareness among children.

The sentence on the top reads : Let's study and develop a habit of studying.

The sentence on the left reads : Let's study for fun!

The sentence on the right reads: Let's have fun by studying. 

Ooops. I missed the bottom one! Maybe it was : Let's study books.



A Glimpse of Rain Water Harvesting.



A company putting some securty sirens on display!



wheeee-oooooo wheeee-oooooo!


An electronic voting system prototype where you vote for specific fruits. Works great!



Furniture on display.



Finally. This was our workbench. We displayed the same face-tracking thing that I had trouble with for sometime. Glad I got it working just in time for the event! Robotics Association of Nepal provided us some space to display our project under their stall. Huge thanks goes to them! I hate working alone, so my cousin joined me in the 4-day event.



This is me!!! I am not that serious usually!

And if you look to the far-right, you can spot another project. It was a security system based on some PIR sensors using a GPRS Module. If some intruders are spotted by the PIR Sensor, a message is automatically sent to your phone. It was a 4th year engineering student's project. He used the ARM-Cortex processor for the project. (Powerful!)



My cousin pretending to fix our setup! Seriously, we had used Blu-Tac to attach the servo on to the table. Maybe that was what he was doing!



All the projects in a row! 

1) Our Face Tracking System

2) A Line Follower

3) An Obstacle Avoider

4) A mechanism of adjusting the motor speed to a constant value under applied force by adjusting current and voltage.

5) A Wireless System for switching lights on and off

6) A Mobile based Security System which featured voice control.

7) And the PIR based security system ( not seen in the picture ) 

It's rare to see so many projects under one stall out here. It was great to interact with all the engineering students, share our knowledge and learn from them! Enjoyed the 4 days at the expo!

I am really sorry that I could not post any pictures from the sumo-robot competition.  We reached the semis but our robot was really ugly to be captured by the camera. We showcased the face-tracking thing on Day 1 and 2. We displayed our Bi-Ped on Day 3 And 4. Again, sorry for no pics! :-) Will post on the sumo and bi-ped soon!


Hoping for a similar event, not just annually, but regularly as well! Had a great time. 

You guys rock as always. Thanks for finding time to go through all this!

Next destination : Shoutbox! :P



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Nice, i like these exhibitions, fairs, events especially when there is a variety of exhibitors.

You looks different as on your profile picture...or is it just 10 years older :-D

Blu Tack is great, i even would say "greater than hot glue" but i will not go that far.

Congrats to your semi final. Next time it will get better. Not the winning is important but the attendance.

Thanks Lumi. You said it, just getting a robot on the battlefield counts a lot more than winning! (But hey, we're going one or possibly two steps further next time! :D )

Pollution! Dusty Roads! Busy all day long! everything accounted into a tired Enigmerald in the picture! :D

Blu Tack and Hot Glue, let the greatest battle of the two "fix-kings" begin. I love both. However, it's difficult to choose one! Greatly depends on the environment and situation.

Nice hearing from you!




Kind of reminds me of India; which is where my family is from. :)

Thanks robotmaster. Indeed, I guess the culture is common.