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AI.Frame funding

I've got in contact with the people behind the AI.Frame robots and there are some quite interesting designs. We've got some kits to try them. Now AI.Frame is going the next step and want to collect some funds for a first batch production.


You might recognize some stuff in the pictures. Yeah, my friend and me took that pictures in our DFRobot office.


Check out the information and the cool design and help to bring them to life if you can :-)

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Why is he beating up R2?

Max, that is just a coincidence that R2 is showing up. I had him lying on my desk and we needed something else for the photos to disply those AI.Frame bots in "action". As they look like transformers (yes, look again) my mind was spinning around and came up with a conspiracy idea that JJ Abrams is killing the Star Wars franchise with Episode 7 (well, that's not my opinion but it is matching with the photo message as every photo needs to carry a message)...and R2 might be the first victim as he is always in the first line to defend puny humans.

Disclaimer: This is just a fictional story and any relation to true events in the past or the future of earth or in a far far galaxy are un-intentional.