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Prototype of OSLRF01 Arduino Scanning LIDAR (Under $150)

I've finally got pictures to show off the OSLRF-01 Open Source Laser Range Finder.  I've mounted it to a sturdy servo, and am running both currently with An Arduino FIO ... simply because that's the only available Arduino I have at the moment. 

I am also getting boards made up around the ATtiny84 that will sit as a daughterboard on this unit.   But the FIO prototype is to help me get functional code working NOW...

Code will be uploaded later this weekend.  I'm still working out a few ... issues...



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Looking forward to hearing how well it works... looks like a solid unit. 

It's "working" now, but not on the par of something I could hand over and say "Here, you do it"...

I'm tidying it up and hope to post tonight if possible.

(Afer Wifeypoo and children all go to bed...)