Let's Make Robots!


My S2 Neo Pixel Leds  thanks for the work with the NeoPixel code from Duane.... keep up the good work ;-)

They will be used as visual panel for battery voltage &or distance to object &or snazzy RoboCop look &or KittCar scanner lights

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Indeed Transparent PLA is working well....YAY...

I am in the process of making a 3D print rig to support the Neos in a vertical orientation. This mean i can get them closer together.

Neat thing is that as it takes only one of the S2 5Volt hacker port pins and  I can add as many as have (circa 10 will do for momo, 20 in my pocket)

I have not tried with 3.3V yet... have you tried pull up resistors (off the cuff comment ;-)

Video is a in the making..... as you know lots to do and lots to "Pretty up"

Dang, that looks cool!

Any chance of video of it in action?

It's hard to beat NeoPixels for making it easy to add RGB LEDs to a project. I take the NeoPixels are working okay throught the S2's level shifters? NeoPixels are one of the few 5V gizmos I've found that don't work completely well with the 3.3V logic from the Propeller.

Man, those LEDs sure look good coming through the tranparent material. Maybe a thin layer of Polymorph could be used in other applications?

Amazing work as usual. Thanks for posting this.