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DRC: object recognition using Raspberry Pi

Well... now for some simple object recognition...

The program flow:

a) take an image; take a subsection as the reference object - calculate and store the SIFT descriptors for this image

SIFT descriptors

b) rotate DRC by 180 degrees.

c) take an image

d) calc SIFT descriptors and look for matches with the reference

e) if not many matches - rotate a little and go back to c)

Not many matches

f) else: WooHoo! Lots of matches.... do a spin around in joy

Lots of matches

And there's a little video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WraE9UHzFAc

Next... DRC has to start a proper search... a bit more than rotating on the spot... :o)

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I wasn't aware of that as a trick with OpenCV.  Definitely will try it. These and many others that I am sure I will find in the next few months are the secret sauce that you just don't find in the samples and examples.

Thanks for sharing.